Car Care

Below shows a selection from our range. Please contact us for a complete order listing.



[su_column size=”1/3″ center=”yes”]All you need for professional car detailing

  •     Chamois, sponges, squeegees
  •     Wash mitts and pads
  •     Cleaning kits and pads
  •     Buffing and polishing kits and pads
  •     Glass cleaners and detailing wipes
  •     Cleaning fluids and degreasers
  •     Dusting mitts and pads
  •     Cloths, towels and rags
  •     Brushware and extension poles
  •     Tyvek car covers
  •     ROK straps
  •     Fuse packs
  •     XCL Range for car wash vending machines

Download the Kenco Catalogue [PDF – 5.65 MB][/su_column]